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New in Xcode 15: Bookmarks

In Xcode 15 Apple added a new Bookmarks feature. With bookmarks you can save a specific file, a line in a file or even a search query to quickly jump back to it later.

Files and lines

To save a bookmark simply right click on the file or line of a file and select the appropriate option from the context menu:

Xcode 15 Bookmarks

Search queries

To save a search query as a bookmark, simply enter your search query in the search field and right click on any result to save it as a bookmark:

Xcode 15 Bookmarks

In the example above I searched for any TODO: in the whole project and saved it as a bookmark. Now I can quickly jump back to that search query by selecting it from the bookmarks menu:

Xcode 15 Bookmarks

Additionally you can also rename your bookmarks to make them more readable: Xcode 15 Bookmarks


I think the main use case for bookmarks is to save search queries that are often used in a single project such as finding all string literals or print statements.

But my favorite is to just have a list of TODO:s and FIXME:s to quickly see what's still missing in that particular project.

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